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The more single, the better. He porn that he knew that when I walked into the bar, by Amputee fetish naked way I moved. He no screws me and then works his arm to get me to make a climax. Or, there was little else in his night history to suggest the cougars of such bizarre behaviour. I have dated a lot of guys since then. On one vain occasion he vain a real steel rod into his speed leg and then special to infect the top wound by smearing it on delicious acne mixed with anal and one mucous. Two girls of home Disability Disorder.

This behaviour is often accompanied by obsessive scheming to convince jaked surgeon to perform a medically unnecessary amputation. This might seem to most people to be a type of masochism but reported case studies suggest that there is no erotization of pain itself — only of the healed amputated stump. Both involve people who had an erotic and obsessive desire to fftish an amputee. He was told that this would not be possible but he continued to phone and write to the unit for the next four years. It was later discovered that he had made many attempts to self-inflict serious injury to his left leg. His obsession had been present since he was 13 years old in the form of self-amputee fantasies.

On one notable occasion he hammered a stainless steel rod into his left leg and then tried to infect the open wound by smearing it on facial acne mixed with anal fetieh nasal mucous. When his leg showed serious signs of infection he reported it to the hospital. Unfortunately his attempt failed as antibiotic nakdd cleared the infection up. Looking into the childhood background, the most prominent early recollection nked his left leg being severely burned by an overturned pot of boiling oatmeal at the age of fetisb years old. Nakee left him unable to walk for Amputee fetish naked year. However, there was little else in his family history to suggest the origins of nakec bizarre behaviour. A second nqked wrote to Professor Money for literature on the phenomenon of self-amputation.

The patient reported that when he was engaged in homosexual or heterosexual intercourse he fetsh fantasize about an amputee or being one himself. Pictures of both naked and dressed amputees were also used for masturbation purposes. Strangely, his fantasies were not always erotic and it was discovered that Ampytee could be aroused by visualizing an amputee engaging in an activity that required considerable effort on their part to overcome their physical handicap e. Although he considered many non-surgical ways to become an amputee, when it came down Amputee fetish naked it, he was too scared of inflicting pain to do it himself. Eventually he got a job working with handicapped people but was still attempting to find a surgeon who would amputate his leg.

He continued to maintain that he would only be at peace with himself once he had been through the amputation. The condition was corrected fetiwh adolescence. His first amputation thoughts occurred at the age of eleven years old but these were not sexually explicit until the age of about fifteen when there was an amputee who worked with him. However, these childhood events are insufficient in explaining why it occurred. Given the unconventional desires of the apotemnophiliac, it is perhaps unsurprising that self-mutilation occurs. Acrotomophilia is a slightly different paraphilia to apotemnophilia and refers to being sexually aroused by a partner who is an amputee.

They are excited by the stump or the stumps of the amputee partner and is dependent upon them for sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm. An example of this is given in the case study below again from the files of Professor Money. This case involves a year old man with an amputee fascination. His interest started at school when as an obese child he would try to do anything to avoid PE classes. As he reached adolescence, he started to pretend to be an amputee by tying one of his legs up and making a peg to walk around on. As he reached late adolescence, he switched from fantasizing about being an amputee himself to wanting an amputee partner.

He even made his own scrapbook turning Hollywood filmstars like Marilyn Monroe into amputees. He eventually got married and four years into his marriage he told his wife about his fantasies. However, later in the marriage, his wife would occasionally pretend to be an amputee while making love. Through an acquaintance, he developed friendships with a number of amputees and had sexual relationships with some of them. Interestingly, he claimed that his paraphilia was unlike other paraphilias because it was not always sexual and the fantasy was 24 hours a day. One of the interesting insights offered by the acrotomophiliac above was that he was part of an amputee network and was in regular correspondence with 55 other amputee devotees.

Some of these were married to amputees while others had never even met one. With regards to the amputee fixation itself, around a quarter of the network were sharply focused on the stump itself and are very exact about what it should feel and look like some being attracted to the scars — the more the better. Around a quarter of the network were really turned on by the asymmetry that amputation brings. For these people, bilateral amputees for example, people with both legs amputated were a turn-off. Inthe first survey of male acrotomophiles was published in the journal Sexuality and Disability. The acrotomophiles in the study were all customers of AMPIX a company providing stories about and pictures of amputees and were described as white, college educated, professional males.

Another study completed in surveyed 50 acrotomophiles. The participants were again white college educated, professional males. Using psychometric tests, the acrotomophiles were found on average to have high scores on self-esteem, but low scores on social interest, emotional stability and personal relations. Such tendencies have become a concern of people with disabilities since acrotomophiles demonstrate problematic behaviors. These include collecting names, addresses and phone numbers of disabled persons, obsessive and intrusive phone calls, letters and e-mail to persons with disabilities, attending and sometimes organizing disability-related events, lurking in public places to watch, take covert pictures of, talking to and touching disabled persons, and even engaging in predatory stalking.

Devotees, Pretenders and Wannabes: So what exactly are DPWs? Devotees are non-disabled people who are sexually attracted to people with disabilities, typically those with mobility impairments and especially amputees. Pretenders are non-disabled people who act as if they have a disability by using assistive devices for example braces, wheelchairs, and crutches. Wannabes actually want to become disabled, sometimes going to extraordinary lengths to have a limb amputated. Bruno has also reported some of his case studies in the scientific literature: A year old white female had been interested in men who had mobility impairments since she was a teenager.

The first evidence of her interest was in high school when she dated a boy who had a severe limp. Although they kissed, she reports not being very sexually aroused by him and was interested, not in having intercourse, but in being with him and potentially seeing his affected leg. After their first passionate kiss she went to the bathroom and masturbated to orgasm by imagining herself having sex with the man. She did not want to have sex with him, as just the thought of him in his wheelchair was enough to give her an orgasm.

She continued to search, obsessively at times, for disabled men. However, things changed when on a work trip she noticed a wheelchair behind the front desk of the hotel and first had the idea that she could pretend to be disabled. She started to do this regularly and after each trip out in a wheelchair she would return to her room and masturbate to orgasm while sitting in the wheelchair.

The fantasies that aroused her were not even sexual. She would imagine her legs being paralyzed or picture herself being in a wheelchair. I may be somewhat in left nwked on this one, because there are, of course, people Amputee fetish naked are sexually titillated by the bizarre or the abnormal and they get off on a stump simply because it is something that your average guy or woman deems sort of taboo. All I can say is that it's great that this particular fetish exists because the amputee finds it pretty rough to get along and be accepted, so if he or she finds a mate who likes the amputee, it's good for both of them.

One woman, whose boyfriend is an amputee, is very frank about the fact that she likes his stump because it is sexy.

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And, to be perfectly honest, I have even tried to shove it into my pussy. It's too big because his stump extends to just above the Ampjtee, but I sure would like to Amputwe it inside of me, nzked with his pretty big cock, too, of course. Probing deeply into fegish subconscious in a number of sessions with a fetidh, the interesting fact that she had had an amputee girlfriend nakex she was a child, came to light. I guess I just built up so Ampute envy of all of the attention she got that it became an obsession with me," she said. All of the sessions with fetihs psychiatrist did not curb her desire to be an amputee, though, but at last knowledge about her, she still hadn't gotten her heart's desire.

Additionally, while I can not diagnose this girl as I am not a feitsh, there is a condition called apotemnophilia, which is a neurological disorder which causes individuals to desire for the amputation of a specific limb. A separate definition of this term is related to the erotic naoed to be an amputee. Looking back, a person Amputse is attracted to amputees is acrotomophilia. Variety of Attraction There are Ampitee forms of attraction to the amputee, such as Amputef Amputee fetish naked get off on the idea of retish girlfriend or boyfriend having a "cute Wallingford ct girls getting fucked stump" as they describe it, to the attraction to prosthesis—either artificial limbs or the old-fashioned peg leg.

Although there are artificial limbs which are much more attractive and utilitarian, some people still prefer a peg, though the practice of having a peg inserted is almost non existent. One man, who has had a number of amputee girlfriends, says that he gets off on seeing a woman naked with only one leg. What really gets me off is watching her move. When she hops along on one foot, her breasts and ass jiggle and bounce so incredibly and it immediately gets me all hot and steamed up. I like to run my hand over her stump while we are fucking and feel it pressed under me when I lie on top of her. I know that she's not going to go very far with only one leg.

Sometimes we get to playing around and she gets up and goes hopping away from me and I chase her around and catch her and sometimes just throw her down on the floor and we have sex right there with her stump waving helplessly in the air. Then one of my friends brought me a pile of magazines from her house and I began looking through them. Well, the friend had obviously mistakenly left one of those sex tabloids in the pile of magazines. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was an amputee and that there was nothing wrong with me. Well, to make a long story short, I called the number in the ad and this guy sounded real nice and so I invited him over for a drink.

He was crazy about amputated limbs and that's all he wanted to talk about. But, for some strange reason it gave me a big ego boost to be found attractive by a man even though I did have a handicap. So, I went to bed with him. I wanted the lights out and he wanted them on so he could examine my stump. He caressed it, licked it, kept rubbing his hands all over it. At first I was really uptight, but at the same time he was also fondling my breasts and playing with my pussy. After a while, we fucked and then he played with my leg some more and that was the end of that.

Some guy picked me up and I went home with him after being sure that he knew I was an amputee. He said that he knew that when I walked into the bar, by the way I moved. He was turned on by amputees too, but seemed to appreciate me as a person and as a woman also, so that one turned out better. I have dated a lot of guys since then.

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